Master Codex


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UPDATE (8/1/16): To vote in the game poll, click here!

UPDATE (6/6): At the bottom of the page is a link to our newly created game design blog! TheKeroGame!

UPDATE (1/21/19): Khedive moved his open-minded & LGBT-friendly blog to a new location in preparation for marketing & publishing.


Other Creative Endeavors 

by Kero, Kaig &/or Khedive

~Kero’s Gallery: A galleria of images from a journey to another land~

~Team iNtuition: A portal created by Kero linking to a compendium of projects developed by him & Team Intuition~

~Kero’s Characters: To check out a few of Kero’s game character concepts~

~Kero Game Blog: Images, Media & Discussion of some game designing projects~

~K-thoughts on Computer Science & Digital Ethics ~


If interested in learning about Khedive’s Open-minded Journey. Please bear with us as he is currently in the process of moving & publishing his project. You can find the new link to the zfilesbook here.

(These links below will be left for posterity or until the rest of the series is transferred over more completely.)

Book 2 – Beta Manifesto 

Book 3 – Gamma Manifesto

Book 8 – Theta Manifesto

Book 9 – Iota Manifesto

Book 11 – Lambda Manifesto

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