Khedive’s Master Codex


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UPDATE (8/1/16): To vote in the game poll, click here!

UPDATE (6/6): At the bottom of the page is a link to our newly created game design blog! TheKeroGame!


To reach my writing, click one of the BOOKS below.

Please note that this blog reads like a book, each Entry is labeled with a number.

(0., 1., 2., 3., …etc.) I recommend following it in order to avoid becoming confused.

Book 1 (at the top of the list) is the beginning of my writing journey back in 2007.

The book at the bottom of the list is my latest and most recent.

(Please ignore the WordPress Dates at the top of the posts.

Only the dates found in my writings are accurate.)


“To find out why I started this blog and what’s in store for its future, click here.”



Choose one of the Manifesto (blogs) below in order to learn about my Journey.

Currently, we are on…Book 1 (with a few snippets from book 8 thrown in).

Book 1 – Alpha Manifesto 

Book 2 – Beta Manifesto 

Book 3 – Gamma Manifesto





Book 8 – Theta Manifesto

Book 9 – Iota Manifesto


Book 11 – Lambda Manifesto


If you’re interested in checking out some other Creative Endeavors 

by Kero, Kaig or myself, please explore some of the links below


~Kero’s Gallery: A galleria of images from a journey to another land~

~Keros Portfolio: A compendium of projects developed by Team Intuition~

~Kero’s Characters: To check out a few of Kero’s game character concepts~

~Kero Game Blog: Images, Media & Discussion of some game designing projects~

~Stripping Souls: (If I don’t link this here, I’ll forget it exists since google doesn’t discover it. #DarkSouls)~

~RetroKeroBook ( Click to go to the original retro website ~

~K-thoughts on Computer Science & Digital Ethics –> here~


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